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We, at “Eurax Capital Private Ltd” would like to thank you for visiting our Website. Respecting the Privacy and choices of our Customers and Visitors is important for us. We hope that the information provided below will address any questions or concerns you may have about Privacy issues. All visitors who visit the site and provide information online through this Site are covered under this Policy.

Most sections of our website can be viewed without furnishing any of your personal information. Certain sections of the website allow only restricted access and you could be asked for your personal information for identification / authentication purposes and granting access only. For example, we request information from you when you:

  • Register with and also while executing Customer Agreement with us or  filing online registration forms
  • Transact on the Site
  • Provide feedback in an online survey

In each of the above instances, we may ask for your name, e-mail address, telephone number, address, login name, password or password validation and other personal information that is needed to register or subscribe you to services or offers. You authorize us and our company/ group to contact you via email or telecommunication means and upon doing so, you shall not raise any complaint/dispute/claim, against us and/or our affiliates/group companies/sister concerns, you agree to extend all necessary co-operation, support to help us protect our interest.

The personal information you provide will be kept confidential and used to support our customer relationship with you. All user information collected by us through the website is maintained confidentially and not shared (transferred, sold or divulged to third parties) such other authority without your consent. We will whenever called upon to do so, disclose your personal information to any Government, Central or State, local or public or regulatory authority such as the Securities and Exchanges Board of India (SEBI), Reserve Bank of India (RBI) or such other authority.

The information may occasionally be used by business and channel partners for marketing and advertising requirements in relation to our services. We may use the information you provide to inform you of special offers, upgrades and other services that may be of interest to you.  

Use of Cookies, Cookies are small data files that a website stores on your computer it contain information that you provide such as your username and password. We will use the information stored in the cookies to improve visitor experience through throwing up relevant content where possible. We use this to help us understand what pages are frequently visited and to improve the web site experience. A cookie cannot affect data on your computer and cannot provide us with information about other sites you have visited.

If you wish to access secured sections of our web site, you will have to enable per-session cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Most sections in our website can be accessed without accepting a cookie. 


At,  Eurax Capital we value your relationship and will at all times strive to ensure your privacy. Do write in to E-mail on any concerns regarding our privacy policy.


Investment is essential for every earning individual. One must keep aside some amount of his/her income for tough times. Unavoidable circumstances might arise anytime and one needs to have sufficient funds to overcome the same. Being a portfolio manager is we are responsible for making an individual aware of the various investment tools available in the market and benefits associated with each plan. Make an individual realize why he actually needs to invest and which plan would be the best for him.

A portfolio manager is one who helps an individual invest in the best available investment plans for best returns in the future.

Companies roles and responsibilities for our clients as a portfolio manager:

  • As a portfolio manager we helps in deciding the best investment plan for an individual as per his income, age as well as ability to undertake risks.


  • Every individuals can not have the same financial needs. It is essential for the portfolio manager to first analyze the background of his client. Know an individual’s earnings and his capacity to invest. We designs customized investment solutions for our clients.



  • As a role of your portfolio manager we keep update to our clients from the latest changes in the financial market. We suggest the best plan for our client with minimum risks involved and maximum returns. Make you understand the investment plans and the risks involved with each plan.


  • We work for on long term relationship module hence our company policies enables our portfolio managers to be transparent with individuals.



  • We communicate with our client on a regular basis. Our portfolio manager plays a major role in setting financial goal of an individual.


  • We Never pressurize our client for any plan. It is your money and you have all the rights to select the best plan for your goals.